Bebitek Snuggler

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SIZE: newborn – 9 Months
Machine washable

Sleek, trendy design
100% Cotton lining- provides warmth and comfort for your baby whilst being very gentle on their sensitive skin.
Universal product fitting a range of bassinet and stroller models.
Detaches from pram to become a play mat and change mat when you are on the go.
Sides fold back to become a plush pram liner in the warmer months.
Temperature control- the comforter has a two zips; one to open the main pocket and another at the base of your baby’s feet.
Water resistant- perfect for those days where the weather can be unpredictable. Your baby is kept warm and snug in light rain.
Easily fitted to your bassinet or stroller- a universal attachment systems allows for straps to be brought through the back of the Snuggler and adjusted to fit multiple baby heights.
Perfect for travel- the Snuggler can be rolled or folded to fit the smallest of spaces making it the best travel accessory for your baby. It fits conveniently into luggage and nappy bags.

Note: if you are concerned about the Snuggler fitting your stroller, please contact us at

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The warm, comforting, stylish and cosy bebitek Snuggler will have your precious baby feeling all cuddled up whilst you are on the go! The Snuggler is a universal product ensuring it will fit comfortably into many standard strollers and bassinets. Eliminating the need for bulky blankets which get blown off and soaked through in the cold, wet months, the Snuggler is water resistant so your baby is well protected and cocooned from head to toe. The Snuggler is everything a parent needs for on the go; pram liner, change mat, play mat and plush cosy comforter. Travelling with a newborn has never been so easy and convenient. The Snuggler is lightweight and folds to fit the smallest of spaces including small suitcases and nappy bags. Life is made easier with your Snuggler being machine washable and quick drying. The 100% cotton interior protects your baby from the cold wind whilst being gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. The main zipper allows you to open up the whole comforter or just a little providing moisture control and insulation, all whilst ensuring they are still secured in the stroller with the freedom to kick and move their arms safely within the Snuggler.


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 75 × 40 cm

Length: 75cm
Age: Infant – 9 months

11 reviews for Bebitek Snuggler

  1. Jessica

    Amazing product!! Couldn’t live without it!

  2. Jessica Mackie

    I was fortunate enough to be gifted a bebitek snuggler- it was the perfect gift and has quickly become my ‘go to’ baby shower present!
    When my daughter transitioned from being swaddled to a sleeping bag, it made sense for us to have a sleeping bag in the pram. We are always out and about in the pram and this snuggler makes life easy. It lives in the bottom of the pram; conveniently it takes up next to no space. Being a sleeping bag, I’m not worried about blankets being kicked off or “is she too hot/too cold?!”
    I would highly recommend this to any new Mum!

    • bebitek

      Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for taking the time to review our product, we enjoy hearing from our customers and are so glad you love it!

  3. Jamie

    Love this so much! My daughter is fussy with her blankets when she’s in the pram, but with the snuggler she is so relaxed and comfortable. No more cold legs slipping out into the wind. She’s always tucked in!

    • bebitek

      Thanks for your feedback Jamie, we are so glad to hear that another bebitek baby is happy and snug. Welcome to the bebitek family.

  4. Leonie

    Brilliant accessory for the Pram! I had nothing like this for my kids and I have bought several as gifts! I Recently bought one for a friend and she loves it. It was so simple to detach from the pram and took 30 seconds to put back on again which is amazing when you have to go from place to place.

    • bebitek

      Thank you Leoni for taking the time to review the Snuggler. We are thrilled that you have bought them as gifts for your friends and that they love it!

  5. Jess, NSW

    I just want to say a huge thank you. As a first time mum, I found myself buying so many useless items and donating them shortly after, knowing I wouldn’t ever use them again as my family grows. Our Bebitek Snuggler is surely staying, even my husband agrees. Yesterday he packed it away in storage and said “make sure you don’t get rid of this”. I have recommended you to everyone and will continue to do so!

    • bebitek

      Thank you for taking the time to review your Snuggler Jess! It was a pleasure keeping your beautiful baby warm and cosy this Winter and welcoming you into the Bebitek family. We hope you continue to love using it as your family grows!

  6. Lisa (verified owner)

    One of the best purchases I made as a new Mum! The snuggler made my tiny little man nice and cosy when first heading out in the bassinet of our pram. Then when converting to the big seat it was so much comfier and his little feet stay warm despite his legs constantly kicking about, blankets don’t last a minute! He sleeps so well when all zipped up too. On hot days we just unzip and fold the front back so he is both cosy and cool. Highly recommend to all mums!

    • bebitek

      Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Snuggler Lisa. We are thrilled to hear that you love it and your son is so comfy and getting some great sleep all cosied up!

  7. Maxine

    A unique and wonderfully crafted product. Very practical and I have used it everyday since the purchase a few weeks ago! Definitely value for money and highly recommended!

    • bebitek

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback Maxine! We are very happy to know you and your baby are loving the Snuggler. Welcome to the Bebitek family!

  8. bebitek- as posted on (verified owner)

    I am not normally one to write reviews but we were given this as a gift and I cant stress enough how amazing this product is. Our baby falls asleep straight away! She loves it! IT also doubles as a liner which is an added benefit and will service us through summer. It drys really quickly after a wash and it also folds into nothing. I cant stress how much my wife and I love this product!-James

  9. Helen, Vic

    I recently purchased the Bebitek Snuggler as a gift for triplets. The parents were absolutely wrapped with them and how versatile they are. They can use them open or closed in the stroller depending on the weather and lay them on the floor as a mat for the babies to lie on. Having three babies, mum was so happy that she could just throw them into the washing machine to clean too!

    • bebitek

      Hi Helen, wow triplets! Thank you for choosing us to keep the babies warm and snug this Winter. We are so happy to hear their mum loves the Snugglers!

  10. bebitek

    bebitek- as reviewed on Instagram by mommyinmelbourne blogger

    Thanks to the bebitek snuggler, little Madison braved the freezing weather in Queenstown like a travel pro. Amidst the stormy days, cancelled helicopter rides we still managed to smash a trip to snow, cruise on the vintage streamliner, walk the mountain lakes while she stayed warm and comfy in her stroller all along. .

    Can’t recommend this baby product enough. The Bebitek snuggler has a cotton lining, is machine washable and fits all strollers and prams universally.

    Never doing a winter holiday without this absolute travel essential for babies.

  11. Fran (verified owner)

    I have bought the Bebitek snuggler again and again for all my new mum friends. It’s the perfect baby shower gift! They LOVE it, it’s perfect year round in prams and unzipped as a impromptu play mat when out and about. I will continue to recommend it to everyone I can.

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